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What started with a quest for a fine natural Slovenian wine domain, ended with the discovery of this small wine domain, named Brandulin. Boris and his family, the owners of the domain,  make wine with an immense amount of passion and love for the terroir. Brandulin, is a small producers in the area of Goriška Brda, literally on the border of Italian Veneto region and the Slovenian region of Primorska.

Brandulin’s terroir is influenced by the closeness of the sea, the Julian Alps and the Eocene flysch, rich with minerals but lacking organic components witch give the wines a specific and distinct character we have not come across before. If you combine this with the love and passion for sustainable wine growing, every one of Brandulin’s wines is a discovery of its own, especially the Brandulin Rebula.

We are a family wine and wine farm. We cultivate 4.5 hectares of vineyards, some of which are on the Italian side of the border. Mostly white varieties, typical for our area, predominate, and from the reds some merlot and cabernet sauvgnon, last year we also planted black rebula vines – cups. We have been involved in viticulture for several generations, and we started our own wine production in the late eighties. We try to produce wine with an emphasis on the territory – mainly from indigenous varieties such as ribula, tokaj and malvasia.