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Our grape berries are noble special dandruff, airy and rich soil, called opoka, formed by the weathering of marl rocks. On the other hand, from the celestial side, they are fed by a rich reading of sun-filled days and the right amount of water drops. Yes, Goriška Brda is a special country. The philosophy of Kmetija Prinčič is traditionally sustainable, listening to every detail, every change in the surrounding nature. We capture her gifts with experienced subtlety and convey them. To you.

About us

In the Prinčič family, winemaking is passed down from generation to generation, and the first records date back to 1848, when great-grandmother Mihael and great-grandmother Katarina started producing a quality product. Since then, the Prinčič winery has been striving for the continuous improvement of wine, while paying a lot of attention to preserving tradition and quality. From the grandparents, this activity was passed on to Tomaž and his wife Andrejka, daughter Sara and son Tine through father Srečko and mother Afra. Thus, family winemaking still maintains ties with the past and weaves new ones for the future.

The tendril

Our sign is a stylized tendril. The tendril is a vital part of the vine, it is a gentle but relentlessly persistent shoot, constantly looking for touch, grip, security. The tendril is always triggered in the unknown, always circling, twisting in its own orbits, all in order to offer support to the evolving life and thus enable development. Such is our path.