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We have made the decision to share the personal joy of caring for wine with you. Our operation is limited to a boutique offer and thus we offer a small number of series of bottles, even only 200 bottles, individual varieties or genres. Our offer currently includes: sparkling wine Zelena 2019, Zelen 2018, Malvasia 2019, Rebula 2019, Laški Riesling 2019, Ivan blanc 2019, Ivan noir 2018, and five-nat sparkling wine. All wines are dry. “Malvazia is from the location of the vineyards in which Matija Vrtovec obtained information for his book “Vinoreja” “Zelen is from the location of the vineyards that Valvasor wrote about and from these vineyards a lot of wine went to Vienna.”

Our brand also has permission to buy grapes and thus we try to select grapes in the Vipava Valley. We also have a few permanent winegrowers who we are redirecting to bio-dynamic vine cultivation so that we will soon have an organic certificate. Even now, work in the vineyard and tending to the wine is conditioned by a completely natural process. We are also preparing for a line of orange wines.

Wine aging is conditioned by the process that the wine acquires in taste and smell, therefore fermentation takes place on grape berries and the wine is kept on the lees for as long as possible. We don’t filter the wine and we don’t use stabilizers because we believe that properly cared for wine matures into a stable wine and that’s the only way it can age in the bottle. In our aging process, we also put the wine in wooden barrels, but we do not “barricade” it, but we want it to increase the concentration of taste and smell, because the water evaporates, so lying in the barrel only adds a note of wood, but in no way interferes with the taste or smell of the wine, but enriches it .

The philosophy of care is derived from the saying: “As long as a woman emphasizes her own natural beauty and charm with fashion accessories, only these are used correctly. When she crosses the line of good taste, she also loses what nature has given her.” We want to enable the wine to express its aroma, taste and character in all its glory. The motto of our winery is: “The love of wine inspires us to accept the play that nature offers us in wine.”