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Vineyard farm 8ha
The VINA KRAPEŽ farm is located in the beautiful village of Vrhpolje in the Vipava valley, at the foot of Nanos and Kovka. Rich deposits of marl and flysch were once left here by the sea, and this is now a good basis for growing vines.
The sub-Mediterranean climate of the Vipava Valley is significantly shaped by the constant alternation of the warm, humid southwest wind, called mornika, and the bora, cold northeast wind. The valley is characterized by mild winters and moderately hot summers and around 1500 mm of annual rainfall with highs in late spring and autumn. The valley has sub-Mediterranean natural characteristics due to the mixing of continental and Mediterranean climatic influences, which influence the character of Vipava wines.

Vineyards in southern locations
Our vineyards are mostly on elevated southern positions above the village, exposed to the sun all day long and slightly windy.
In our vineyards, as a rule, the planting density is around 5,000 vines per hectare. The altitude is between 150 and 250 m above sea level. in In the younger vineyards there is clean cultivation, the older ones are weeded.
The form of cultivation is low, single guyot, with a grape yield of about 1 kg per vine.
Wine is born on the vine in the vineyard. Here it begins its journey to the bottle.

The cellar gives the wine a special stamp
Good wine is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar, where only what is created in the vineyard is preserved.
The recognition of our wines is the result of special natural conditions, both the microclimate and the soil, enriched by consistent work in the vineyard, where care for nature is felt. In harmony with nature, we continue in the cellar, where with the experience of our ancestors and our knowledge we give the wine a special stamp, which is expressed in the emphasized structure and minerality of the wine.
Only wood and time make wine in the old, arched (velbani) cellar. The winemaker only directs and controls the pot, which takes the wine to safety under the roof – into the bottle.