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Matej Švara

Matej Svara started making wines in 2010. He works his 1.5 hectares pretty much all by himself at his own calm but steady pace. Following the biodynamic calendar and in accordance with a cosmo-cultural approach, he applies the same thoroughness in his cellar. His unique signature can be partly explained by the fact that he lets his wine age in small glass vessels and then shortly in inox containers, thus making wooden barrels redundant.

The wines of Matej Švara are made with spontaneous fermentation – no yeasts are added. Maceration is left to nature, the temperature is not controlled. The wines are unfiltered and contain only free sulfur (2-4 mg and 10 mg total). Work in vineyards is performed manually. The grapevines are sprayed three to a maximum of five times per year. The sprays are natural, made from brown algae and sulfur. Copper is used exclusively to spray the leaves and never the grapes! Bottling of the wine takes place at the time of full moons in August and September, following the calendar of the legendary biodynamic farmer, Maria Thun. Matej Švara follows her advice and experience also when cutting the grapevines and during other processes.