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David inherited the family vineyard in 1999 and has always made a little wine in his garage for fun, but he is doing so well that today he is one of the leading figures in the natural wine sector in Slovenia. “Winemaking has always been a passionate hobby for me. I am probably one of the smallest winemakers in Slovenia.”

Total production is around 3,000 bottles per year. According to the rules of organic farming, he cultivates his few vineyard plots in the Vipava valley quite simply, and during the heavy spring rains he receives only minimal interventions.

“In the vineyard and the cellar, I follow the rules of organic farming and wine production, with as little interference with the wine as possible. I am not registered organic due to small production.”

In the cellar, everything is done naturally, only small doses of sulfur during bottling are sufficient to protect the wine: the resulting vintages are lively, elegant and, in addition, perfectly calibrated for maceration.