Winegrowing and wine producing estate CONSTANTINI, run by DUSAN and PATRICIA HUMAR is situated in Slovenia in the winegrowing region of Goriska Brda. This wine district is placed into the northern part of the Mediterranean region. According to the European Union wine regulations, the region is classified as zone CII. The family has been making wine in Brda since 1680 according to written sources, which means combinate tradition with modern approaches.

The unique aromas and taste of Constantini wines derive from the chosen positions of vineyards, the Eocene marl, sandstone and the microclimate – top micro-terroir. Wines are a combination of experience and knowledge. The attention towards lower yield per hectare is a guarantee of selected grapes with concentrated flavour of grapes and its richness in extracts. The wine cellar is equipped with modern technology. We keep all the interferences during the production and refinement process to the minimum to keep the wine natural. Red wines are naturally matured in oak barrels in the optimum conditions of the underground wine cellar. Wines are of high quality and full-bodied with an elegant and persistent taste. Their freshness is perfectly balanced with complex aromas and distinct mineral flavour.