Chardonnay Aurelia Kelenc


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Wine region: Prekmurje

Vintage: 2020

Variety: 100% chardonnay

Maturation: in wood, then continues in the bottle


SORT: Chardonnay






Product description

Golden yellow wine. A rich aroma with a characteristic fruity floral reminiscent of pear, quince and peach. In addition to fruitiness and pleasant acidity, we also detect mineral notes that give the wine a refined taste. Full-bodied and buttery. It will also age beautifully and impress you over the years, and for the unexpected, it will impress you immediately and offer you food satisfaction or whatever.

It doesn’t surprise us that Chardonnay has been one of the most successful white wines in the world for several decades, which is why the French consider it a “national traitor.” Wine is easy to understand; attractive aromas and mineral textures. His homeland is a small Burgundy region in France. It was here, probably somewhere in the early Middle Ages, that chardonnay was created as a seedling – a natural cross between white gouais and red pinot noir. The name chardonnay comes from the medieval Latin word cardonnacum, which means “place of thorns”. Thorns is chardon in French. In the Mâconnais region of southern Burgundy, there is a small village called Chardonnay.

In our country, it is probably always the first harvest of the year, as it ripens first. It picks up sugar quickly and the acids are excellent, not too low. Roll it up and press it with low pressure so as not to damage the rinds. A yeast attachment with special yeasts is added to the must. We ferment at a slightly higher temperature of around 20°C. After fermentation, we leave the wine on the fine lees to do its biological fermentation. – the wine is richer and more rounded. Fine fruity aromas are further strengthened and gain body. It matures in wood, then continues in the bottle. One-time wine can be drunk at any age and always impresses. It ages well.

This line includes elegant white wines that are real giants on a global scale: Chardonnay, Rhenish Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. Aurelija is a female name derived from the Latin word Aurelius. It can also be a male name and comes from the word Aureus, which is Latin for gold. Our wines in this line are connected with this, which are golden yellow in color and of noble varieties.

Pairing with food: it goes perfectly with various steaks, cheeses or dry meats, as well as farm blood sausages or roast beef. It also goes well with steaks and sauces, as well as fish.