Light Wood nobis Q Kelenc


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Wine region: Prekmurje

Vintage: 2021

Variety: 60% welschriesling, 20% chardonnay, 20% sauvignon

Maturation: 6 months in oak wood, then continues in the bottle


SORT: Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon






Product description

It is an excellent white wine, made from Laški Riesling 60%, Chardonnay 20% and Sauvignon 20%. Aged for 6 months in wooden barrique barrels. It is light-medium barrique. A complex wine, in which we detect a gentle woody note on the palate, which turns into vanilla and with the recognizable nature of all three varieties. It is a harmonious and elegant experience. Special.

Bohemian wine is a collection of three exceptional varieties that have been combined from a specially selected wine. The freshness of Lak Riesling is noticeable, reminiscent of fresh apples, the minerality of Chardonnay and Sauvignon bouque after dry hay. All this is complemented by an oak note that raises the wine to an even higher level. The Laški Riesling is the most widespread in our region and is typical of the Lendava region, shaped by the terroir. The homeland of this variety is the famous French wine-growing region of Champagne. It is most widespread in Central Europe and produces good wines even in poor vintages. The variety is a constant in our genres. With a medium floral and rich taste, it provides the basis for exceptional Chardonnay wines, which remains the most lush of the wine giants and which matches the equally effusive textures of the other two in the genre. Sauvignon, on the other hand, remains a brilliant sensory exception and a masterful spice with a special bouquet.

We carefully selected the grapes, considering their technological maturity already in the vineyard. All three wines are dry, fermented at temperatures of 16 – 20°C. Yeasts are added for a stable long fermentation. Chardonnay and Riesling had biological fermentation, while sauvignon did not. After the end of fermentation, the wine is stipized and left to mature in oak for 6 months. It is put into the bottle after tasting and the desired level of woody notes. It ages here for at least two months, and for the unsuspecting, it can already be in a glass. It is excellent to drink young and matured over the years.

It presents our two special cuvee wines, the white Light wood and the red Dark wood, which are made up of several varieties. The word nobis represents us, like a cellar and is Latin for we, and the letter Q represents the word quercus, which is Latin for oak. Therefore, we have combined with oak a selected wine that matures in oak barrique barrels, which contributes to a special smell and taste.

Pairing with food: hard or smoked cheeses, cured meats, goulash, roasts, smoked meat and everything from the grill.