Sulne Korenika & Moškon


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Wine region: Slovenian Istria

Vintage: 2013

Variety: 50% malvasia istriana, 25% chardonnay, 25% pinot grigio

Maceration: 45 days with out press, inox (stainless steel), indigenous yeasts

Maturation: 12 months on lees in oak barrels, total in barrels (2000 l) 6 years



SORT: Istrian Malvasia, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio

COLOUR: Orange





Product description

Sulne is a variety based on Malvasia as the most traditional Istrian variety. It tastes elegant but extremely rich. The wine is a deep amber color. The bouquet is intense, smells of nuts and caramel, but it is beautiful, cute. Dry wine with higher acids tastes like vanilla and coffee in the mouth. The characteristics of the wine can also be attributed to maturation in oak barrels, which best express the character of each variety.

Aging of wine on yeast conditions its fullness. The wine is distinctly mineral with a long aftertaste.

The wines from the Cru line are rich in color, extremely elegant and express a characteristic recognizable mineral note. These are more complex wines made from specially selected best grapes from older vineyards, where vine growth has slowed down years ago. The vine, which we have grown over the years to penetrate deeper with its root system, and with the organic matter of poor soils draws only minerals that provide its grapes with consistently high quality. The grapes are selected by hand at the moment of complete phenolic maturity.

Careful processing, maceration, slight long-term pressing, natural spontaneous fermentation without added selected yeasts in wooden barrels, low-lactic fermentation and varying lengths of maturation in different sized, exclusively wooden containers, give the wines a distinctive stamp. These wines are rich in color, intense, elegant and express a characteristic mineral note. These unfiltered wines are also extremely long. Wines with the CRU label are offered on the market only at the best vintages, after four to six years of maturation.

Pairing with food: Wine can be an interesting addition to risottos or pasta with truffles, with medium-aged and old spicy cheeses, grilled dishes, steaks in different ways, vegetable dishes with poultry.

Aging potential: The wine already shows its rich aroma and elegance. By maturing in the bottle, however, it will only gain in softness and elegance over time. Therefore, properly fed, it can be left to age for up to fifteen years.