Tris Korenika & Moškon


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Wine region: Slovenian Istria

Vintage: 2018

Variety: 50% pinot blanc, 35% istrian malvasia, 15% sauvignon

Maceration: 4 days on skins, inox (stainless steel), indigenous yeasts

Maturation: 6 months on lees in tank



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Product description

Tris is a variety of three wines – Pinot Noir, Malvasia and Sauvignon. A beautiful, harmonious wine with a moderate body, it is characterized by a golden color. The scent is intense, the scent of white flowers. It develops nicely in the mouth. It has characteristic rich and lively mineral tones. Very charming with an extremely delicate texture.

The wines we call the fresh line of wines: Malvasia, Tris, Refošk, Bis – are carefully produced, but not too demanding wines from younger vineyards. When matured in stainless steel containers, they are left to age on fine lees for up to seven months, which helps to ensure that the wines are not completely classically fresh and playful, as they lose some primary aromas and gain exceptional elegance and a full body. For a fresh line, we use a white background on the label, which expresses their freshness, simplicity and elegance.

Parring with food: It is suitable as an aperitif, it can also be a wine party. It is compatible with a variety of dishes, such as fried meat, vegetable or seafood dishes, salads, pasta, risottos, white fish, gnocchi. It goes well with lighter oriental dishes such as spicy shrimp or crispy roasted duck with spices.

Aging potential: Fresh wines are intended for drinking in 3 years, when they have the greatest potential, but the development of taste in the bottle is nicely enhanced up to 5 years.