Malvazija Selection Korenika & Moškon


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Wine region: Slovenian Istria

Vintage: 2016

Variety: 100% malvasia

Maceration: 15 days in tanks (inox), indigenous yeasts

Maturation: 10 months on yeasts in oak barrels, 38 months in barrels



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Product description

The wine is a deeper amber color. The bouquet is intense, smelling of pine resin, dried apricots, earth and grated apples.

Dry wine, salty, lower acid and oily texture. Stronger, intense taste and even longer aftertaste. The taste in the mouth is very varied and persistent. Extreme Malvasia, produced on “orange”, and very well.

Wines from the Selection line are wines with extended maceration, selected from the best grapes of our oldest vineyards, hand-picked at the moment of full phenolic maturity and matured in wooden barrels, without filtration. All this contributes to the fact that these wines are extremely rich, complex, sophisticated and elegant.

Parring with food: we recommend it to variously prepared meat dishes and steaks, grilled fish and in the oven.

Aging potential: Extremely rich, complex, sophisticated and elegant wine, with excellent aging potential of at least 10 years.