Modri pinot Victoria Kelenc


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Wine region: Prekmurje

Vintage: 2021

Variety: 100% pinot noir

Maceration: 10 days

Maturation: 6 months in oak wood, then continues in the bottle


SORT: Pinot Noir






Product description

A beautiful ruby red color with a brick hue, with a bouquet of raspberry, cherry, currant and Spanish elder. Not too tannic, youthful yet mature enough. In a sophisticated, erotically earthy way, it emits not only fruity aromas and warm flavors, but also gives us a feeling of connection with the wine.

Pinot Noir together with Savagnin and Gouais Blanc is more than two thousand years old, it is considered one of the “founder varieties”, the great-great-grandmother and grandmother of many other well-known varieties. While the parents and exact origins of Pinot Noir itself are unknown, the vine is thought to have originated in the northeast of France in the Burgundy region. By the way, the name comes from “pin”, which means “pine”, because the small clusters resemble a pine cone.

Harvesting is done by hand, we wait for the grapes to fully ripen. In the cellar, the grapes are cleaned, destemmed, pumped into the vinifier and yeast is added. They ferment together with strawberries at a temperature of 20°C. Fermentation takes place for 10 to 12 days, towards the end of which the boiling mass is pressed and the process is completed in a stainless steel tank. After the end of the fermentation, it also grazes the biological juice. Then for some time in the wood and after months of maturation, wonderful aromas develop and it acquires a real softness and silkiness. Then you have to be very careful to transfer it into the bottle. It can be drunk young or old, it will always impress with new bouquets and flavors suitable for its age.

It is a line of red and rosé wines that require special production procedures. The red varieties we grow are Pinot Noir, Modra Frankinja and Zweigelt. Victoria is also a female name that originated in Roman times and is associated with the name of the goddess who personifies victory. In a way, we (cellars) are also winners, who manage to produce excellent red and rose wine.

Pairing with food: in combination with duck, pheasant, prosciutto, lamb and pork, beef, also with blue fish and salmonids. It will catch on with a slightly spicy sauce and mushrooms.